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When plague spread in britan in 17th century the colleges and universities closed at that time a student use that time to discover a mathematical theory which become the most useful thing for science later and a bright student was SIR Isaac Newton and NOW it’s our time to do something like that not that much big but something which will become useful to us.

I want to help you to find some courses may be you don’t know about.If you want to learn data structure and algorithms follow the links.




If you are not comfortable with ENGLISH then follow the third link.
If you are a beginner then you should follow the first link first and then go for the second one and this coursera course use JAVA as a programming language.

  • If you want to learn the web development here are some best option for you.
It has the information of HTML and everyone should start learning web development with HTML.



If you are not comfortable with the ENGLISH language here is the whole course for you in HINDI.

And here are some YouTube channels from them you can learn many things

Arts and FfUuNn

  • If you are interested in photography here is a free course for you.

  • Here are some best Instagram pages for you because I think ‘you can learn the photography from the photos’.

Now it’s time for music

There are many other there find them by your intrest.If you are a programmer and coding in your laptop then download Spotify and enjoy music with the coding and believe me thier Autogenerated playlist are great. Here some best concert videos for you

And now Enjoy

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